Nycum Presents at the 2018 Silver Economy Summit

Mar, 2018
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Nycum Presents at the 2018 Silver Economy Summit

Dignity: The sweet spot of care, comfort and control.

At the 2018 Silver Economy Summit held in Halifax on March 6th & 7th, Nycum CEO Benjie Nycum presented “Where Do You Want to Die?” – an in depth exploration of the places and settings where people desire to die and where they end up dying.

Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

This talk explores the environments where people are most likely to die. Using visual and graphic descriptions taken primarily from architectural designs (many in Nova Scotia), concepts of home, ageing, dying, dignity, boredom, family, care, and the taboo of death are viewed through the lens of these environments to shed light on their objectives, their roles, their operations and the experience they offer.

From 2007 to 2010, Nova Scotia built 1533 new and replacement Nursing Home Beds. Currently Nova Scotia is building community based Hospice projects. Home care is also a trend that is politically and practically topical. Hospitals remain an important emphasis.

How do we as citizens and a province advocate for the appropriate environments for care and ageing? How do we avoid allowing our misconceptions about the dying process to inappropriately influence our direction and priorities? What do we want and what can we expect from environments where we are likely to die?

This presentation reveals these environments emphasizing facilities in Nova Scotia, and explores them through the context of these important questions to enable and arm the audience to become better advocates for them.