Our Northwood Project is LEED™ Certified

We started off the new year with some excellent news about one of our projects: Ivany Place: Northwood at the Parks, a 156-bed Long Term Care facility with adult day care and residential care facility components.

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LEED™ is a regular part of a large portion of the world of architectural design, with traditionally less representation in the world of healthcare architecture.

In this project, we focused on the LEED™ credits with the potential for the greatest impact on those living within. For example, including operable windows in what is traditionally a sealed environment, which means working closely with our Mechanical Engineers to ensure that appropriate humidity and temperature levels are not put at risk.

This project also included exterior rooftop gardens and decks in assorted sizes providing recreational and rehabilitation opportunities at many scales for the residents, visitors and staff, while encouraging closer connections with the natural world.

In addition to being lower maintenance and climate appropriate, landscape design for this project included native plants and other appropriate non-invasive varieties to contribute to familiar views for residents, improving health outcomes, and longer-term life-cycle cost benefits for the operator.

An Insulated Concrete Forming (ICF) system was chosen as a major structural component, allowing the building to take advantage of a high level of recycled content (fly ash) in the concrete mix and providing high thermal insulation values while acoustic comfort of residents was enhanced.

The LEED™ framework aligned with the team’s goal of choosing as many natural materials as possible in a healthcare setting to help reduce the institutional feel of the building and support biophilic design philosophies that a growing body of Evidence Based Design suggests enhance healing and well-being.

Congratulations to all involved with Ivany Place: Northwood at the Parks, in the Parks of Bedford West.

Client: Northwoodcare Inc.
Project Manager: Fairwyn Developments
LEED™ Consultant: Solterre Design