COVID-19 & Long Term Care COVID-19 & Long Term Care May 2020 Our CEO, Benjie Nycum, sat down with the Chronicle Herald’s Nebal Snan to discuss issues surrounding the impact of the current Coronavirus pandemic on Nursing Homes and Long Term Care facilities in Nova Scotia.... View post → COVID-19 & Architecture COVID-19 & Architecture May 2020 We always love the energy and ideas brought to our team by our co-op students, and this year is no exception. Our current masters-level co-op student from Dalhousie University, Hadrian Laing, has penned a... View post → Superconvergence and the Future of Healthcare Facilities Superconvergence and the Future of Healthcare Facilities May 2015 This year’s annual CHES conference opened with a keynote address from Benjie Nycum that delved into the changes on the horizon for healthcare facilities planning. Here is a bit from his abstract: Healthcare challenges... View post → Join Our Multi Gender Changeroom Design Dialogue Join Our Multi Gender Changeroom Design Dialogue Apr 2015 Remember how rowdy and sometimes dangerous the changing room could get before gym class? Can we make it safer for everyone while still allowing privacy? Would it be safer to have Multi Gender Change... View post → Observations from Implementation Observations from Implementation Mar 2014 The following is an excerpt and distillation of our work from a paper for TESIS Inter-University Research Center, Systems and Technologies for Social and Healthcare Facilities, University of Florence. What happens when you design... View post → Ten Signs You Have a Great Project Manager Ten Signs You Have a Great Project Manager Feb 2014 Project management is about managing and leading a project or major task from start to finish. A project is a special effort that is outside of normal workflow and competencies of an operation. It... View post → Insert Patient Here! Insert Patient Here! Dec 2013 A recent article in the Wall Street Journal on “The Hospital Room of the Future”, presented with the subtitle of “A patient-centered design could reduce infections, falls, errors—and ultimately costs” shows how far off... View post → Infection Culture: Infected Culture Infection Culture: Infected Culture Apr 2012 There is a great deal of information to be aware of with respect to current thinking on the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, like C. Difficile, in hospitals. Benjie’s presentation at this... View post →