Villa Acadienne Replacement Announced

Jul, 2019
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Villa Acadienne Replacement Announced

Colour-coded sketch of concept for household and core arrangement at Villa Acadienne

We have been working with Villa Acadienne, in Metghan, since early 2017 to evaluate the feasibility of replacing their existing long-term care facility with a new building to serve the area. Our work has included programming and planning studies, evaluation of costs, assistance in the search for a site and conceptual and schematic design work along with early project management for the dedicated board.

July 3, 2019, saw the announcement by the Provincial Government that the facility would, indeed, be replaced: a successful outcome for the hard work of Villa Acadienne, its board and our consulting team.

The new Villa Acadienne is designed based on a “household” model of care where residents live in smaller groups, or households, each with its own dining, food prep and other support areas. The new building will increase the facility’s bed count by ten to a total of 96 residents.